Therapy for Children and Adolescents

Therapy for the younger child needs a child-directed approach that uses a variety of imaginative and creative activities to help children aged 6 to 10 express and process their feelings and experiences, learn new strategies, and gain confidence in themselves and the world.

For adolescents, aged 11 to 17, individual counselling sessions provide an opportunity to work through difficult feelings, resolve conflicts, and recognise inner strengths. New ways of understanding, of communicating, and of reacting are explored in a supportive, affirming environment.

In some cases, parents become active supports to their child’s therapy through family counselling sessions. By involving the whole family, the insights and experiences of counselling have a better chance of transfer to the child’s home and school behaviour.

In my practice I use a combination of Narrative and Cognitive-Behaviour therapy techniques, as appropriate to the individual child or family.